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What is an 8K display?

清晰、重新定义. Say hello to 8K displays. With a game-changing viewing experience, 8K displays revolutionise everything from digital signage 和 advertising to broadcasting, 监测, CAD / CAM, VR, 控制室, 军事, 医疗, 交易, 还有更多. The opportunities are endless. 

Put simply, 8K resolution is 16 times more detailed than HD 和 4 times more detailed than 4K. 8K is truly a next-generation technology.

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与8 k, you can make an impact wherever you are with large format 8K displays for life like breath-taking images. 另外, use 8K monitors to take your business to the next level, with video walls in a reception area or shopping centres.  

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Transform the future

Whatever your industry, the arrival of 8K delivers endless possibilities for every business 和 ideas that will shape the future: 

  • 医学 - Power life-changing concepts like remote medicine, combining the power of 8K streaming cameras with 8K screen resolutions to give specialist doctors for example, the ability to assess extremely accurate 医疗 images side-by-side as part of an evaluation. 
  • Policing 和 security - Explore huge opportunities for improved security, allowing authorities to monitor environments more efficiently 和 use fewer screens in 监测 控制室. The huge number of pixels lets you zoom into the ‘region of interest’ for example, specific areas of a crowd without losing the native clarity of the image. 
  • 媒体 - Production companies will be able to present their creations in the clearest, most immersive ways ever.  
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8K technological solutions for all your needs

The future is here, 和 it’s 8K. Explore our 8K range 和 find out more about 8 k技术 今天. 您还可以查看 AV设备 AV software 和 accessories.  

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